High end wallcoverings for
yesterday, today and tomorrow’s homes.


10,05 x 1,06 m

The wallpapers of this Materica collection are extremely vivid and bright, characterized by metallic effects and important three-dimensional reliefs.
We have studied the most realistic and fascinating aspects of noble metals, researching their transformations through the use of oxidation, browning, antiquing and brushing that create strong visual impacts.
The finishes that have been applied, on the other hand, such as the soft touch glazes, the glossy drips opposed to the opaque patination, give decorative results of extreme beauty. The unique and varied material volumes obtained imitate the most interesting natural and artificial surfaces that surround us and, with the exclusive depth engraving systems used, retain those high aesthetic and tactile qualities capable of exiting.
The union of technical rigor and the artistic expressiveness of design creates the perfect combination to meet the most varied needs, satisfying them with taste and originality.


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