La décoration haut de gamme
pour les maisons d’hier, d’aujourd’hui et de demain

Damasco Reale

10,05 x 1,06 m

From the encounter between West and East, from the trade of spices and precious fabrics with distant countries, the ancient maritime republics of Venice and Genoa imported the designs and weaving techniques of damask.
It was then in the Renaissance and in the following centuries that spread all over Europe a great interest in damask fabrics, considered among the rarest and most luxurious, and for this reason used in the courts, for gala dresses and for the decoration of aristocratic palaces.
The history and millenary tradition of damask, which over time have been associated with new types of fabrics, new weaves and new combinations of yarns, to create innovative and captivating proposals, have been a source of inspiration for this collection.
A reinterpretation of traditional and modern at the same time, which we wanted to propose to transform any environment into a corner of uniqueness, covering them in solid or contrasting colors, with chic or sober combinations and where the "bold" touch of damasks blends with sophisticated elegance.


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